Gaming Bus and Retro Gaming for Weddings

Congratulations on your forthcoming Wedding!

I’m sure your super excited, if not a little stressed with all the planning. You’ve probably already thought of everything, but have you stopped to consider the entertainment, especially for the children?

As exciting as weddings can be, they can become quite long and boring for children and bored children can quickly become an added stress you really don’t need on your big day. If you’re reading this then you’ve come to the right place to find an entertainment solution for your wedding.

Curbside Gaming can provide our state-of-the-art Gaming Bus and Retro Arcades which are guaranteed to keep the kids entertained and more importantly keep them quiet, especially during the all-important speeches.

Gaming Bus

Curbie our Gaming Bus can accommodate up to 12 children or playing at once.

But don’t worry if there’s more children at the wedding, our fully trained Curbie crew will ensure that the children are rotated through so everyone gets to play.

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Retro Arcades

We have a number of hand built Retro Arcades from full size cabinets to bartops and even a 4 player cabinet connected to our amazing 100 inch HD projector screen.

Each Arcade has over 1000 games so there’s something for everyone. We have favourites such as Pacman, Space Invaders, Paperboy, Donkey Kong and many more classics to choose from.

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