Terms & Conditions
Our Terms of Business


1.1 To confirm your Curbside Gaming booking, we require a non-refundable deposit of £50. A booking will not be confirmed until the deposit has been paid and cleared.

1.2 In the event of a cancellation Curbside Gaming will work with you to mutually agree an alternative date and time. A refund, less deposit amount, will only be offered if your booking is more than 4 weeks from the date of cancellation.

1.3 All balances due must be paid and cleared at least 7 working days prior to the Event.

1.4 Although we will endeavour to arrive 15 minutes before the time booked, we cannot be held responsible for events such as traffic delays. In the event of a late arrival, we will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible and continue the session until the amount of time booked has passed.

1.5 In the unlikely event of a major technical failure on board Curbside Gaming, or any other unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, such as Illness or severe weather, a full refund will be offered, or an alternative date arranged.

1.6 We aim to arrive 15-20 minutes before the start of your booking to set up, if you are booking us for a wedding or event, and require us to arrive earlier than this, please notify us at the time of booking, so we can take this into account and add the extra time required to the cost of your booking.

1.7 Our parties are best suited for ages 7 and above. Any player below 7 years old will require a parent to be sat with them at all times.

1.8 When booking for children with Autism or special needs, please be aware the gaming van can be very loud and crowded. Our staff are specially trained to support children with special education needs and we will do all we can to ensure the party meets the needs of all those attending.



2.1 It is the event organiser’s responsibility to arrange and provide a flat parking space 9 meters long by 3 meters wide; about 2 cars parked back to back.

2.2 It is the event organiser’s responsibility to take advice from a qualified person whether the grounds are suitable to support our vehicles.

2.3 If on arrival we find the venue to be unsuitable for any reason, we reserve the right to terminate the session, without compensation. The driver also has last word on where the van is parked and plugged in, any disagreeing, rude or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated, and we reserve the right to terminate the session without compensation.

2.4 Under no circumstances can we be held responsible for any damage to driveway or grounds that is considered to be caused by our vehicle, staff or partygoers.

2.5 If parking needs to be paid for, this is the responsibility of the event organiser. If adequate parking is not available and a parking ticket is, then the payment of this ticket, would again be the event organiser’s responsibility.

2.6 The event organiser is responsible to provide a power socket within 20 metres of our Gaming Van, so staff can connect a PAT tested extension lead for power throughout the booking.

2.7 If power is not available, the event organiser is responsible for notifying Curbside Gaming for the hire of its generator.

2.8 If on arrival we find that the venue and power is unavailable and the hire of our generator has not been prearranged, we reserve the right to terminate the session without compensation.

2.9 In the highly unlikely event of damage to household electrics, under no circumstances can we be held responsible for any damage that is considered to be have been caused by our use.

2.10 Curbside Gaming cannot be held responsible for online only games such as Fortnite, being unavailable due to software updates or lack of 4G Signal. If this were to happen, we would revert to our normal offline gaming party using our extensive gaming library.


Health and Safety

3.1 Although every effort is made to keep the environment around us safe and clean and in accordance with Health & Safety requirements, anyone entering our gaming van does so entirely at their own risk.

3.2 Our gaming van is a strictly no smoking vehicle

3.3 No food or drink is to be brought on board our gaming van.

3.4 Curbside Gaming holds full Public Liability Insurance and relevant Risk Assessments which are available prior to the event or alternatively, can be provided on the day. It is the responsibility of the event organiser to notify Curbside Gaming of any other Health and Safety paperwork they require for their event.

3.5 All members of staff who work for Curbside Gaming Ltd and are over the age of 18 years old, have all had an enhanced DBS check.

3.6 The side door playing area cannot be used in windy conditions and/or in extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain or extremely cold temperatures.

3.7 Curbside Gaming Ltd takes no responsibility for allergic reactions. We clean and disinfect our gaming van before every party. However, we cannot guarantee that this will remove all allergens. Please inform Curbside Gaming if anyone taking part in a booking has any allergies, so that reasonable precautions can be taken. If in any doubt of guest’s safety, please do not allow them to attend the booking.

3.8 Curbside Gaming’s van is very well insulated and has heaters on board, however we do ask that guests dress appropriately for the weather and have coats nearby, especially during the colder seasons.



4.1 In the event of damage to any of our equipment or vehicle that is caused by excessively harsh treatment or vandalism and that is deemed purposeful, we reserve the right to charge the event/party organiser the full amount to repair or replace the equipment.

4.2 We will not tolerate bad behaviour, bad language, aggressive behaviour or threatening behaviour towards our staff or other partygoers. In the event of such acts, we reserve the right to terminate the session immediately and any money paid will be forfeited.

4.3 Anyone considered being under the influence of drugs or having consumed an excessive amount of alcohol will not be allowed on board our Gaming Van.

4.4 We do not recommend this activity for anyone who suffers from epilepsy, seizures, high blood pressure or motion sickness. Curbside Gaming Ltd takes no responsibility for triggering any attacks.



5.1 It is the event organiser’s responsibility to ensure that parental consent is obtained from all parents/guardians of party guests to play age-related games. In the event of an out of age game being requested the Curbside gaming staff will ask the event organiser for a final decision to be made.

5.2 We cannot be held responsible in any way for obtaining the permission of the guests’ parents/guardians. At the beginning of your party or event, please provide us with full names of those who are prohibited from playing certain games.

5.3 During the event we may take some photographs of our portfolio, website and social media platforms. If this is not acceptable, please make sure a member of the staff is aware of your objection and no pictures will be taken. You are of course welcome to take your own photographs of the event.

5.4 The first 10-15 minutes of a gaming session can be very busy and loud as we try to get the players settled and gaming. Players are expected to be patient and listen whilst the staff gets everyone on board, briefed and loads their games one by one. The staff may need to be assertive to gain order and get players set up as soon as possible, so they can get the most amount of play time and enjoyment from the session.


Limitations of use

6.1 The Curbside Gaming van is strictly for private use ONLY i.e private parties, weddings, privately organised events etc.

6.2 Curbside Gaming Ltd does not charge to play its consoles and games, they are privately owned and are made available, completely Free of Charge.

6.3 Curbside Gaming Ltd reserves the right to charge a hire fee for its customised van, audio visual equipment and to cover the costs of the staffs’ time, transportation and all other associated costs.

6.4 Some games are only available online and require an Internet connection. The gaming van has its own 4G network. We cannot guarantee we will always be able to get a strong enough signal to enable online gaming. In these circumstances, we will revert to offline only gaming using our extensive gaming library.


7.1 Cancellations due to COVID-19.  -If the party is cancelled because the government has introduced new restrictions then a full refund will be offered.
If the party is cancelled because of a guest or host falling sick from COVID-19 then a new party date will be offered but no refund will be given.

Note – Event organiser is considered to be the person who made the booking.