1. To confirm your party booking, we require a minimum deposit of £50. A booking will not be confirmed until the deposit has been paid and funds are cleared. In the event of a cancellation Curbside Gaming will hold the following percentages of any deposit paid.
  2. All cancellations must be confirmed in writing. Our terms are:
    If you cancel with more then 4 weeks notice of the Event, we will refund your deposit.
    If you cancel with less then 4 weeks notice of the Event, we will not refund your deposit. However you can rebook your party for another date within 12 months.
  3. All balances due must be paid at least 48 hours prior to the Event.
  4. Although every effort is made to keep our environment safe and clean and in accordance with Health & Safety requirements anyone entering the Curbside Gaming van does so entirely at their own risk. Our latest Health & Safety Risk Assessment is available for viewing.
  5. The Curbside Gaming van is a strictly no smoking vehicle.
  6. No food or drink to be brought on board without prior consent of the Curbie Crew.
  7. In the event of damage to our equipment or vehicle that is caused by excessively harsh treatment or vandalism and that is deemed purposeful, we reserve the right to charge the event organiser the full amount to repair or replace the equipment.
  8. Under no circumstances can we be held responsible for any damage to driveway or grounds that is considered to be caused by our vehicle, crew or partygoers. It is the event organiser’s responsibility to take advice from a qualified person whether the grounds are suitable to support our vehicles.
  9. It is the event organiser’s responsibility to ensure that parental consent is obtained from all parents/guardians of party guests to play age related games. In the event of an out of age game being requested the curbie crew will ask the organiser for a final decision to be made. We cannot be held responsible in any way for obtaining the permission of the guests’ parents/guardians. Full names of guests that are prohibited from playing certain games must be given to us in writing at the beginning of the party.
  10. Although we will endeavour to arrive 15-20 minutes before the time booked, we cannot be held responsible for events such as traffic delays. In the event of late arrival we will continue the session until the amount of time booked has elapsed.
  11. In the unlikely event of a major technical failure onboard the Curbside Gaming van, a full refund will be offered or an alternative date arranged.
  12. We will not tolerate bad behaviour, bad language, aggressive behaviour or threatening behaviour to our team or other partygoers. In the event of such acts we reserve the right to end the session immediately and any money paid will be forfeited.
  13. Anyone considered being under the influence of drugs or having consumed an excessive amount of alcohol will not be allowed on board.
  14. During the event we may take some photographs for our portfolio and possible inclusion on our web site and all social media platforms. If this is not acceptable by anyone attending, please make sure a member of the team is aware of your objection. You are of course welcome to take your own photographs of the event.
  15. The event organiser is wholly responsible for gaining any necessary permission from third parties (e.g. other parents) for photographs to be taken of event attendants.
  16. If on arrival we find the venue to be unsuitable for any reason we reserve the right to abort the session without compensation. Curbside Gaming has full Public Liability Insurance and all of our team have clear DBS checks. Details of this will be available either prior to the event or alternatively can be provided on the day.**Event organiser is considered to be the person who made the booking.


Limitations of use:

  1.  Curbside Gaming Ltd is strictly for private use ONLY, i.e. private parties, weddings, privately organised events etc.
  2. We do not charge to play our gaming consoles and games.  They are completely FREE.
  3. Curbside Gaming Ltd is strictly NOT available for commercial / revenue earning.
  4. All our consoles and games are our own home use equipment.
  5. The charges Curbside Gaming Ltd apply are ONLY for the use of the Televisions, Projection Equipment, the time staff are present, setting up the gaming van and transportation costs.
  6. We reserve the right to charge a hire fee for our equipment, delivery / transportation and to cover our own costs.