Celebrations, Fairs or After School Gaming Clubs


Curbside Gaming are the perfect choice for end of school year celebrations such as Proms and Graduations. Book with us to give them an “End of year” celebration they will never forget!

We will come to your school or venue of your choice and host an extra special end of year celebration within our state-of-the-art Gaming Van. We can also include our hand built Retro Arcade units to give the feel of gaming back in the 80’s.

Whatever you decide, there’s a package to suit all needs and games for all ages. Depending on the size of the year group, we would split the young people into manageable groups of 12-16 and give them allocated gaming times to ensure everyone gets to play.


We have attended many school fetes throughout the years and have tailored our packages to suit most circumstances.

We have also worked alongside many Parent Teacher Associations (PTA) to come up with the ideal solution for schools to recoup some of their costs. We have a tried and tested approach of charging £5 for 15 minutes gaming. This means everyone gets to have a play.


If you’re thinking of a new and innovative ways to entertain the young people at an after-school club then we have exactly what you’re looking for.

Why not keep them entertained with their very own after school gaming club? Typically, these are held for 1 hour after school, each week during a full or half term. Minecraft is a popular choice as this is proven to be an educational game offering a number of literacy and numeracy challenges in a fun way. For example:

  • It’s great for learning – The game itself naturally teaches a wide range of concepts – logic, problem solving, goal setting, science, economics and literacy to name just a few.
  • It makes you think – it’s not just another video game – It’s an immersive and interactive playground, where the constant challenges require the brain to work really hard during every moment of the game. Coming up with solutions to problems leads the player through pretty complex thought processes, the ones at the highest and most complex levels of thinking known as executive functions – memory, planning, attention, organisation.
  • It inspires and rewards creativity – Being able to successfully keep track of several tasks at once and all the different things that are going on around you is a complex skill to develop and is the key to surviving and enjoying the game.
  • It fosters teamwork – Speaking of collaboration, Minecraft is great at not only teaching kids to work together but encouraging them to do so. Players soon learn that survival is more likely when you work in a team – shelters are quicker to build, resources easier to collect and there’s safety in numbers when it comes to attacks


How the after-school club works

We hold a 1-hour session at your school, on the same day, each week. That way we can rotate sessions so half a class can play one week and the other half the following week. We can even rotate different year groups and tailor the service to meet the school’s needs.


Our staff are all DBS checked.

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